Dr. Buckley Shows You Step-By-Step How To Give Your Baby The Best Possible Start.

Dear Friends and Parents-to-be,

Congratulations! You're expecting a baby.  

You're committed to giving your baby and growing family the best possible start in life, because you know that the beginning of life is one of the most critical times

You want your baby to enjoy a safe pregnancy and birth, and to have life-long health, happiness, and wholeness. You know that the choices that you make now will influence all of those outcomes and you want to make sure that your choices are the right ones. 

Your friends and family are probably giving you advice and suggestions... maybe too many suggestions! And your caregivers will also have their own list of do’s and don’ts for your pregnancy, birth and baby, probably with strong opinions about what you should be doing. 

Are you faced with important decisions to make, and you don’t know what to do, or the right place to find the help you need?

Are You Confused or Concerned?

You may be spending your time searching the Internet to find these answers, but its not obvious where or what the best information is. 

Do you feel that pages contradict each other, and the more you read, the more confused you get? You log off and wonder how anyone can get through this stuff?

And you may be getting worried too. It's easy for the joy of pregnancy, and your excitement about meeting your baby at birth to fade under the weight of your concerns.

Well, I want you to know, you are not alone! Many expectant mothers have had high expectations and ideals, and then due to all the intense pressures, they start wonder if they really want to be, or are even fit to be, a parent. 

Have you ever asked yourself... surely pregnancy isn’t meant to be like this?

The good news is... Now you can relax! 

As a physician and mother of four, I understand your concerns. I have faced these same choices, and done all of the research to find the answers. I have come up with just the information and advice that you need at this important and exciting time, and I would love the opportunity to deliver it to your inbox every single week of your pregnancy!

You will find answers to your most important questions- including the ones that are too embarrassing to ask your doctor, or too basic to bother your mother or girlfriends. 

Through my membership program, you will have:

  • the security and support that you need
  • the comfort knowing that you can come back to enjoying your pregnancy
  • feeling calm and connected
  • and experiencing joyful anticipation for your baby’s birth.

How Can I Help You?

How do I know all of this? Firstly,...

  • I am trained as a family physician (GP)
  • have completed my training to practice GP-obstetrics working in hospitals 
  • I have also attended births at home, and
  • I am also a mother of four! 

My first baby was born in 1990 and my last in 2000, all such wonderful experiences at home that I subsequently changed career, writing two editions of my book "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering" in 2005 and 2009. 

I have also written numerous articles for many publications including:

  • Mothering magazine (US)
  • Natural Parenting, (Australia)
  • MIDIRS Midwifery Digest (UK)
  • Midwifery Today (US)

I also lecture to parents and professionals in Australia, US, UK and around the world on gentle, natural childbirth and its benefits. I want every mother, baby, father and family to have the best possible start.

I've also had to make the choices that you are making in pregnancy, birth, and parenting. 

I have looked closely at the medical research to decide what is best for me and my family in areas such as: 

  • What is a healthy diet for pregnancy?
  • Who is the best carer for me in pregnancy, labour and birth?
  • What is the best place to give birth for me, my baby and my family?
  • Do I accept screening and treatment for group B strep?
  • Should I have an ultrasound and even a keepsake ultrasound?
  • How do I get through labour without drugs that could affect me and my baby?
  • How can I get a good start with breastfeeding?

From my perspective as a mother, my children’s births were all wonderful and straightforward expereinces but you'll see I've had to deal with some very tricky decision-making, including overdue babies, Group-B strep in pregnancy, and two posterior births.

In my membership program, you can draw upon all of my experiences, and get real world advice, not just theory. 

In addition, I've experienced the joys and pleasures of gentle natural birth and mothering, and I know from my own experience just how good birth and mothering can be. I also know how a great start in birth can give you a head-start in mothering too!

You will learn how to trust yourself, trust your body and trust your baby in pregnancy, birth, and mothering. 

My varied experiences made me look deeply into the medical research in these topics to discover how to make the gentlest choices in childbirth, even in challenging situations.  

I have been looking at these important areas since my first baby was born in 1990. And you get access to all this experience in this step by step membership program. It's as though I will be walking with you during your pregnancy, birth and parenting your new born.

When you sign up to my membership program, you will get my wisdom and science, collected from more than two decades, to support you through this most amazing and challenging time.

Weekly Videos - For Parents

Every week you will receive a video with the information that you need for a happy healthy pregnancy and gentle natural birth! You will hear and see me speaking about the concerns and questions relevant to your stage of pregnancy, and into your future parenting. You can also access my library and re-watch the videos from earlier on as well!

Informative Webinars

PLUS... you will also get access to webinars on topics that matter to you. My webinars will help you to make those important decisons about things such as ultrasound, prenatal testing for Down syndrome, cord blood banking and screening for group B strep. We have a live webinar at least once a month, and all of these are recorded. Our recordings are added to our library, so that you can listen anytime! You can see our topics here.

Video Library

There are also videos of talks that I have given for parents and professionals and I am constantly adding to the list of topics that I cover on video. You will be able to view the videos from previous weeks as well.

Audio Interviews & Talks

As well as all of this, there are downloadable audios of interviews on many topics that you can listen to at your leisure, while walking, driving or even at the gym!

My talks will give you not only information that will be invaluable in decision-making but also reassurance that your body is superbly designed for labor and birth, with all of my scientific proof to back this up. 

Get Your Partner Involved

And you may want your husband/partner, friends and family to listen to your copy too! 

Many men have heard the information that I provide and had an “Aha” moment, realizing that women are not crazy to want a natural birth, and that these choices actually have many benefits for mothers and babies- and for themselves too!

What Get's Covered - For Parents

You can sign up at any stage of pregnancy, but I recommend you get the advantages as soon as you can! 

My weekly videos will give you important information including:

  • You can find out how to calculate your own expected date
  • Discover why early pregnancy nausea and tiredness is good for you
  • Get easy access to the information you need to make important decisions
  • Such as prenatal testing for Down Syndrome and ultrasound
  • And who is the best care-provider for you. 

Later in your pregnancy, you will learn:

  • Pros and cons of testing for group-B strep and 
  • Pain relief in labor 
  • Best ways to get through labor without medication
  • Cord clamping and cord blood banking
  • How to make the best decisions for your baby
  • Some sneak-previews of parenting choices, including 
  • Breastfeeding and co-sleeping

And if there are any topics you don’t see covered, you can ask me to cover them on our fortnightly calls, when you can ask your own questions and to chat with me in these areas.

I would love you to join me today and get everything you need for a healthy, happy pregnancy, baby and birth.



Are You A Health Professional?

  • Do you want to promote & support natural birth with your clients, family, & community? 
  • Are you struggling to find authoritative, accessible information that you can share on everyday topics and concerns in pregnancy, birth and early parenting? 
  • Do you want resources that go beyond mainstream medical approaches to childbearing? 
  • Are you an aspiring midwife or doula - or a fully-fledged birth junkie, wanting to get your hands on everything you can learn about natural birth? 

Then join Sarah’s exclusive PROFESSIONAL membership and get the full dose of her science and wisdom.

What Get's Covered - For Professionals


As a health professional you get everything in the "parents" membership including... 

  • A weekly video of Sarah’s childbearing wisdom, emailed to you and covering topics on pregnancy, birth and mothering. 
  • Information that you can share with your clients on topics that aren’t covered in the textbooks such as optimal pre-conception care; early pregnancy discomforts, a healthy diet in pregnancy, planning for birth, ultrasound- yes or no?, prenatal testing, the cord blood banking decision, making space for your new baby, when a caesarean is needed and much more. 
  • Webinars with Sarah on important topics - and you can request topics as well. You can see an up-to-date list of topics here.
  • Access to both Sarah’s professional and parenting libraries, with watchable DVDs and downloadable audios of her talks as well as articles and ebooks from her writing and research. These include
  • Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: An evening talk for parents and professionals
  • Ecstatic birth: Why and How?  
  • Birth, Babies Breastfeeding and Bonding: Mother Nature's Superb Design
  • The Impact of Birth on Lifelong Wellbeing (from Jan 1st 2014)
I’d love to have you as part of the community.

Gentle Natural Birth
Membership Program

Welcome to Gentle, Natural Birth! 

I am so excited to share this with you...

My membership program offers memberships for pregnant women and also birth professionals that include:

  • A weekly video with all you need to know for your stage of pregnancy, emailed to your inbox every week!
  • Webinars that you cab watch art any time on important topics in pregnancy, birth, and parenting
  •  Access to an exclusive Facebook page to ask your questions to me and our other skilled and experienced members
  • Access to my full and expanding library of articles, book chapters, videos, and audio, with more resources added every month! 

Membership Levels

 A lifetime of benefit for mothers, babies, fathers and families for a very low price!  


Parents Membership

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Join Now!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!*

* Membership fee refund minus goods, shipping and services claimed

I hope you're able to join me, because I'd love to support you and family in this amazing journey that you're embarking on.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sarah Buckley
Brisbane, Australia 

P.S. Remember, you are completely secure in your joining my program with my full 30-day money back guarantee. I want everyone to be thrilled with this program, and if for whatever reason you aren't, you can get a full refund. 

But... with everything that I've put into it, I know you are going to love being part of this amazing new community and educational program.

I look forward to meeting you in the members area.

Parents Membership

Professional Membership


US$39 per month

US$49 per month

US$39.00 = AU$  + AU$3.90 GST
US$49.00 = AU$  + AU$4.90 GST